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Hey Child

East 17

Hey child
Wash away your tears
Hang on till tomorrow comes
Cos it will soon be here
Hey child
Don't give up today
Gotta be some good times baby
Not so far away

Love don't come easily
And child
Don't be afraid 2 feel
Cos the times gonna come
When you're gonna go
And my only advice is is 2 live life your own way
I'm here 4 U
Till my dying day


Child don't be a fool 4 love
Cos child
It will come soon enough
Like a mind needs a dream
And a song needs a theme
Every heart needs a home 2 express just how it feels
I'm there 4 U
Till my dying day

Come on
Hey child sweet child of mine
Yes I do hey
Sing it 2 me baby
Hey child sweet child of mine

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