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Generation XTC

East 17

Generation, generation, generation XTC

C'mon and open your mind
Look inside
You're sure to find
Garden of tranquility
It's waiting there
For U and for me

C'mon and tune into the
Real feelings
That turn you on
Soundless vibrations
Nation elation
Of ethereal song

Walk into the wilderness of your mind
Take control of your destiny
Love was the past, now
Love will be the future
Generation XTC

Echo evolution
The dance of ecstasy
In the land we lived before
Where love is the only law
Echo evolution
Like waves on the calmest sea
We are the future children
Generation ecstasy

C'mon and shine of light
Oh children of
A promised land
Your birth was your right
2 the realm of dreams
That lays at hand

Calm, as the winds of emotion
Become a gentle breeze
Transcends to the sanctuary of your soul
Revelation XTC

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