Ant upon a hillside
Little ant on a hillside
Working in the heat
Carries food five times his own size
Home so he can eat
The sky grows dark
The lightning make him nervous
The old ant screams "Hark"
The thunder has a purpose
Beware...Hatari, the clouds will dump the water
Take care...Hatari, we'll all be swept away
Down come the rain...
Sweeping from the black sky
Crashing through the trees
Beating up the hillside
The ant falls to his knees
The others run unruly
Kuchenga Pamoja...
He still holds to his load
Big wind blows so cruelly
He perseveres so bold
So bold
Kuchenga Pamoja!
They scurry down the hillside
Looking for their food
"Oh all is ruined!" they cry
"Oh my, what shall we do?"
The sun is shining
He shakes the weakness off
Continues on his climbing
The others ran for naught
Three cheers! Hooray!
The old ant is so happy
Oh...awful day
The others are still hungry
The little brave ant's
climb is finished
He's home now at the top
Oooh...eating up his dinner
Proud of what he wrought
The moral of the story
To every girl and fella
To Labor man and Tory
You got to
Carry an umbrella
You need that big umbrella
[Kuchenga Pamoja - Let's work together
Harambe - Let's pull together
A field hand's chant used by President Kenyatta as a
cry for national unity]

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