Foto do artista Edguy

We Don't Need A Hero


When you wake up in the fire
And you harbour lies in ruins
You wonder why
The giant has been shot
Fired off down from sky

You plead for explanation
Is it accident or rule
And where is you childhood hero
To drive all the demons away

What if the light
Shines in darkness my friend
And darkness just can't comprehend
So blaze the trail on you own
Go it alone

We are falling - falling to rise
Pain is the guide out of the wastelands
We don't need a hero
We are falling - falling to rise
No charlatan to show you the light
We don't need a hero

Indignity is the leader
To escort us to the fen
Where they say the light is endemic
If only I could comprehend

Now you're
Old enough to face it
Rabble's stones give pain
Hit you
As they watch you tracks
Apart from the way that they understand

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