This is my day
Soldiers are coming to take me away
May justice be done
I hold on to pray
But no god seems to hear me
The pain I will face
Is my price for disgrace
For things that I've never done

The toll of the bell
And the flight of the raven
They open my cell
And I feel it's too late
There's no need to yell
They don't want to hear me
The morning has come
It seems like my work's been done.
Today I'll be the one

Sometimes it's good to be schizophrenic
Cause when I'm close to the end
I've got always a friend
On my lonesome way
To the final decay
I listen to a voice telling me

Now dream away - follow me astray
To a world that we can
Reach on wings of a dream

I've got the key to the end of the nightmare
To leave all the dreams
Of bane and despair
The life I redeem
Has got the price of insanity
That you just can't get
Cause you're not even mad
You only trust in your eyes

Once upon a time
There was a noble man like me
He only cared about the things he saw
One dark night without a moon he loved
The dog of his queen
Thinking it was her he enjoyed
The life in the raw

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Composição: Tobias Sammet · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
Enviada por Risla, Traduzida por Marcus
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