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Sign On The Door

Edwin McCain

Wendy's sitting next to me
She's trying hard to drink it away
And I feel the rumble
Of the subway beneath the stage
And her eyes are screaming
And her lips are pursed
This ain't her first heartache
But it feels like, it feels like the worst
And she says:

Can someone tell me how this can happen?
I guess that God only knows
My heart used to be a sweet shop of love
But now the sign on the door
It says, "Sorry, but we're closed"

I hear myself tell her
Some old words, but I know they won't help
Then I feel guilty
'Cause I've closed some sweet shops myself

We all talk about timing and lifestyles and such
But to a heart that's been shattered
Those words don't mean much
And all of our pining, it just goes to show
Don't you enter a shop with the sign on the door
Saying, "Sorry, but we're closed"

She's been through all the pain
That one can endure
And her new man thinks she loves him
But he can't be sure
His heart pines for Wendy
She says, "That's how it goes"

But how am I supposed to know?
I can't read the sign
Saying, "Sorry, but we're closed"

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