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I Was Everything You Needed


Tell me, tell me baby
Was I everything you needed?
Said you wanted to be with me but I saw you receding

Tell me, tell me baby
I was everything you needed
You knew the love we had was real, so why were you retreating?

Take some pills
It's so hollow when I swallow them down

Had too many
Just like all her broken promises now

I'll be ready
In the morning, but for now I'll hit the ground

I'll be deadly
They'll be mourning when I pass away now

I have too much sensitivity
Me and her were meant to be? Guess not- look at the brevity!
Swear to God, her feelings always had a looming levity
Thought she came to stay but we were lacking longevity

Honestly, I'm really sad
I don't believe I slipped again
I can't believe I texted her, I chased a girl
Never again
I won't be letting no one in
I won't be letting someone get so close to me
Yeah honestly these women are the death of me

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