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I wants to stay here,
But I aint worthy.
You is too decent to understan.
For when I see him he hypnotize me.
When he take hold of me with his hot hand.
Someday I know hes coming back to call me.
Hes goin to handle me an hold me so.
Its goin to be like dyin, porgy, deep inside me -
But when he calls, I know I have to go.

If dere warnt no crown, bess, if dere was only jus you an
Porgy, what den?

I loves you, porgy,
Don let him take me,
Don let him handle me an drive me mad.
If you kin keep me,
I wants to stay here wid you forever,
An Id be glad.

There, there, bess, you don need to be afraid no mo,
Yous picked up happiness and laid yo worries down.
You goin to live easy, you goin to live high.
You goin to outshine every woman in dis town.
An remember, when crown come thats my business, bess!

I loves you, porgy,
Don let him take me
Don let him handle me
With his hot han
If you kin keep me
I wants to stay here wid you forever.
I got my man.

What you think I is, anyway,
To let dat dirty houn dog steal my woman?
If you wants to stay wid porgy, you goin stay.
You got a home now, honey, an you got love.
So no mo cryin, cant you understan?
You goin to go about yo business, singin cause
You got porgy, you got a man.

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