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Lend Your Love To Me Tonight

Emerson Lake And Palmer

Lend your love to me tonight
Don't ask me who or what is right
I have no strength, I cannot fight
Just flood my darkness with your light

I need no face, I need no name
No martyr's artificial shame
No crucific, I am not lame
And yet I ache to feel the flame

Arrest the sun and shoot the moon
The lamp of laughter dies too soon
To live reflected in a spoon
Makes it too hard to stay in tune
Believe me

Unlock the door and unbar the gate
I'll write I love you on the slate
And while St Peter's thieves debate
The price of time I will not wait
Or let the star blind road of fate
Confuse me
Abuse me
Misuse me

Release my saoul, release my eyes
A clock unwinds, a flower dies
Dishonesty disqualifies
You win the race but lose the prize

A tattered cloak behind a throne
It is unseen, it is not known
Behind this face I am alone
I would give everything I own to touch you

Just lend your love to me once more
Don't ask me what I came back for
Just watch the moonlight cross the floor
And as your blood begins to roar

You'll feel your senses spin and soar
You will become my meteor
Divine and universal whore
Complete me

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