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Every Drop Drowns You


Sunday night and your getting bored again
You start falling thru the cracks again
This is your justified state of mind
No disagreements from either side
Left is right and black is white,
as far as you know

There´s no one there to keep
the fences in place
In your fragile mind your feeling disgrace
And your waiting for the sun to come out
every drop drowns

Outside rain is coming down and
it scares you to death
´Cos you think that every drop
is gonna drown you
Every drop is gonna drown you,
every drop drowns you

Time is right, kick in the doors
Make way to the facts and even up the scores
Bits and peaces out of everything
Get out of the spin, break the ring


So it goes, softly flows
Deceiving river of fears
Every drop drowns you


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