Waiting every minute of every single day
Waiting every minute for this to go away
Come and find me I think I've got lost
Come and rise me you must
Oh find me I think I've got lost
Oh find me you must, you must

Waiting for acceptance, wait in every way
Hope to find the night one in all the parts I play
Come and lift me I think I'm too deep
Come and help me I'm weak
Oh search me I think I'm misplaced
Oh search me, it's not too late

Mother's milk I long from you
Mother's milk soft and smooth
I need from you

Back to yellow childhood, the place where I belong
Back inside my sunlight and no of nothing wrong
Come and take me, I wish that I could go
Come and pure me I've grown
Oh see me and see that I still fear
Oh love me I'm here I'm here

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