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I´ll Be Gone


I´ll be Gone, when summer dissolves
In dew of sorrounding plains,
When my lips don´t taste
The salt of your tears again

As I thought we really were close,
You were drifting away,
No words to explain,
The things that caused your pain

Hold me when I am there
Stay near me,
Stay each night,
When you´re so cold inside.

Come to me, I´ll change,
And hear you,
See the scars,
Relieve the wounds

I´ll be gone when the sent of warm desire
Has dissapeared
When my hands won´t remenber
The vaulting of your hair

Somehow you´re so different now
I can see your face.
The look that denies
Every word you say to me.

You Close doors
There are so many
And you wonder
Where to go

I´ll be gone when autumn rain
Weakens dusty roads again
When your touching smile
Will move an other man

All you left is a suitcase
Full of clothes you didn´t choose
And some poetry
Carefully wrapped in a velvet sawl

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