We are the vessel
Meant to create and to thrive
The pulse a new era
With infinite potential
These tiny fragment in our mind
They are bending new light

And we are the blood from which every hearth beating
Finds it will to carry onward
How can it be that we're so weighted ideals
As if this mind lives within border
They've been feeding lies
We've been compromise

The air that once felt biological now suffocate me
But I've made my way back into depth and channels
That once had been lost to me
And there the colours seems to blend perfectly
And this life become an open door

I've seen these pattern in my dreams
A vibrant sea
I float in space with clarity
For peace look to the sky
How tirelessly we reach for it
Escape the worlds hold we're among the star

In a vibrant sea
Conscience re examined
Inhuman design
This life is unknown
But I am indeed the operator of this mind

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