Face first into the new day
The lights are shining more
Than they ever gleamed before
Sweating swirling anxious as ever

The time it melts away
My nails grinding against floorboard
Pleading with it just to stay
My inaction become what define me

I feel pressure wearing me thin
Impatiently I'll await the day
When these tidal waves settles again
I wish that I had more time

And could be everywhere at once
My apologies for the distance
I've placed many miles between us
But the only thing I've come to get comfort in

Is the progression
Of the restless souls
Onward to a further destination
And yes the future

Thought it's dark from this perspective
When nothing will ever stay the same
And every dormant dream that I have imagined
Is brought to life but never as I planned

I want to drown in the daylight's radiance
Let the morning Sun into my skin
And feel the calm again
If only from the bright beginning

We were conditioned for the end
We've grown so self absorbed
As this life is ours eternally
We've grown so accustomed to settling down

And day to day
But this city moves forward with or without me
And everyone I love they are fading away
Thought it seems as if I'm sure

As if I weighed everything
I've decision that are haunting me
And I cannot evade
All I've ever know is blackness

Now even blackness fades
If I am the creator what is this void I have shaped
We always say
I will be seeing you again

But what if that day never comes
Then I'll be seeing you in the bitter end
But what if this life is all we're ever meant to become
I always seems to let my thought destroy me from the inside out
It's just a matter of time

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