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Bonehouse 1993 ep


[lyrics: h}kansson/cederlund, music: cederlund/andersson]

Can't find a real answer
It's all the same
But when it all comes around
I guess it's kinda lame.
I can hear you screaming
When it gets into your vein
Your high is repulsive
So full of pain.

My soul's circumsition
Breed to give head
Liquid house of raindrops
Turn out to be dead.
Returning to soma
Equinox of grief
My next incarnation in-

And it's about to crack
In this house of bones
Now heads start rolling
Insted of stones.
Oblivions wounds
Dumb fuck despair
If i can't suck life deeper
How could i care

Get stoned
Get dead
Inside my flesh
The house of bones

[lead: cederlund]
[lead: hellid]

Blind eyes of opium dreams
Every time i get this far
Atmospheric distortion
It's way to loud at the dead gods bar

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