get your crack here, guns, whores, whatever

Here is your world,
World that you've made,
Made to destroy you.
Oh what a world,
Screwed up young girls,
All unemployed too.
You can't trust nobody,
Touch nobody,
Be somebody, oh.

Crack, junkies, guns, sluts 'n' cocaine.
Men killing men feeling no pain.
You've all gone insane,
The world is a gutter!

Why's it today,
Things are this way,
And what have we done here?
The money we've made,
They tax it away
For nothing we see clear.
All the poor are dying,
War planes flying.
Drugs been buying, oh.

Repeat Chorus.

The air that we're breathing is dirty.
Your life's nearly over by forty.
You've all gone insane,
The world is a gutter!

Is a gutter...

Stay with your race
And your color face.
It don't sound like brothers.
The heat on your case
'Cause you can't erase
What you've done to others.
It's to late to save us,
Fate has gave us
Sins that crave us, oh.

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