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Mother's Eyes

Enuff Z'nuff

Mother's Eyes (Vie, Frigo)
Isn't it wrong and isn't is strange
that a man goes by the color of his face?
And isn't it time we've drawn the line
And decided to become a human race, yeah?

Behind that mother's eyes,
What makes a man so tough,
That he don't care
if anybody lives or dies?
Give him some love,
Give him some love.
(It might save your life)

Night after night I say the same prayer,
And if anybody's listening out there,
Give it a break, it's all give and take.
But the taking and giving isn't fair, yeah!

Repeat Chorus.

I'm just a man who don't understand,
Why is one man not just like another man.
Nothing can change 'til we arrange
All of life's important fingers on one hand, yeah.