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Happy Holiday

Enuff Z'nuff

In Wonderland the snow is on the ground.
The happiness, you hear it all around.
Santa Claus and mistletoe
And old Jack Frost, yeah don't you know?
That little boys and little girls,
They love to play,
With little toys and little twirls
Of yesterday.
They sing the joys onto the world,
I'd like to say,
Have a Happy Holiday.

Even there are smiles among the poor.
They don't have much
But they have love for sure.
Helping hands to get those through,
Who have no one, nothing to do.

Repeat Chorus.

Ding-dong, hear the bells they ring.
Ding-dong, hear the caroler's sing.
Stockings hung and filled with everything.

When the emptiness to you down.
All alone you walk the lonely ground.
Just think about the ones you love
And take the blows and rise above.

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