Lord, I know You see this fear in my heart
what my future hoards
I feel You softly ask if I can trust You more
and give You control
So I kneel before You now
and I offer everything
Come and be the Lord of all
-All I am or ever hope to be
I surrender, I surrender
to the One who loves more than life
I surrender, I surrender
here is my heart
I open it wide
To the One who cannot be unfaithful
I now offer You all that I am
I surrender, I surrender
From this day on I´ll be in your hands

I´ve been living for myself
and now I want to live for You alone
Come and help me when I´m wick
And when my path seems so unknow
You´ll be beside me still
I know You want what´s best for me
So when I want to take control
Lord, please, come and help my unbelieve

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