Aura Noir: Repelling a Solar Giant


The same sound I heard at birth comes back to haunt me

The sky is sinking
Titian and Amethyst's final ritual

We shall slaughter this murderous Sun-God!
We shall die knowing fully well
That all souls shall be reborn
And that they feel true warmth!

The Sun grows closer
Melting physical flesh

The Solar Giant merges ground!

We gaze at
The approaching Sun

The sound of our fleshes decaying
Is only blissful music for ears

The sound of our fleshes decaying
Is the sound of the prison shattering

The solar giant grows closer
Devouring planets and moons alike
A destructive concerto of chaos
The Auras listen to the sound of burning Earth

Our bodies are weakening
Yet our Auras are growing stronger
Solar flares carry them
A familiar Rubicon speaks

Do not mourn
For I shall carry you
I shall carry
Into the next world

Solar flares grasp the Earthly auras
And they fly up to the realms

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