Once God gives you nothing to fear,
Fear then. It reads your lips
We festered in the dark
Flies on the wall had us surrounded
The almighty eye is inescapable
All the unknown is manifest
The gallows are vast and they are vacant
What was unsaid is understood

The lord he is fierce but he is patient.
What was undone will stay undone
Our prayers are delayed and they are makeshift
The aura is around me.
There's a spell coming on.
The devils got me, I done no wrong.
I am star-crossed
I have buried all the trash but the earth shakes and spits it back.
It is still here. It is all here.

Mask it, fake it, but the nature of our selves is evident.
The camera was hidden but it was on us
Every last word is second guessed
Go to the tape and you’ll never get back
What was unseen is obvious
Carved into fire, forever reaching
The door has swung wide. It can’t be shut
Those that keep watch remember everything
Judged by all, stripped of flesh
You can’t vomit the apple up

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