Foto do artista Every Time I Die

Starve An Artist, Cover Your Trash

Every Time I Die

Still balancing the bar, stiff-necked.
Withstanding change like a tragic play or holy war between the sects.
The carnival stands but the cities will tend to move.
Like planets around a star, or water circling the drain?
Soul less potboilers.
Avant guardian angels on the wrong page of map.
Avant guardian angel i am heartache, let me pass.
Still holding up the wall. Still life.
A landmark placed for the photo op.
He's got no teeth, he doesn't bite and empire falls but the cockroaches stay to breed.
Is it superior genes, or won't death collect such awful things?
Yes, it's garbage, but does that mean that its art?
Gourmet carnage, a pulse without a heart.
If you leave it hanging long enough, someone will be amazed and just because its personal doesn't mean its not cliché.
If it doesn't look like something noew, steal it before it does.
Avant guardian angel on the wrong page of the map.
Avant guardian angel i am heartache, let me pass i will be there to help straighten out the frame thad so proudly displays my own death certificate.

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