A noxious butcher, a name they will rue
When their carcasses yield postmortem truths
Although Burke and Hare, have their usefulness proved
From their sordid acts, I stand far removed
But now from the grave's final jape

I shan't emerge wholly unscathed
From this calumny there's no escape
A lifetime of work that may all go to waste
A gentleman born, now stained by disgrace
Once a surgeon, now a ghoul in his place

​Death and life forever intertwined
And within their vulgar minds
The penny dreadful they seek they will find
They'll have their death revenge
I plied my trade bound to the grave
Now they've labeled me depraved
My name and my work bear their stain
This is their death revenge

Burke alone stands judged for both our transgressions
The hangman awaits him, then postmortem dissection
Yet all that peers back from the looking glass
Are the ghosts of my past, screaming to their last

And now my grave, final jape
Is writ large on Burke's cadaverous face
From the noose he shall have no escape
Why let both of our lives go to waste?
In my confession the blame lay misplaced
Once a man, soon a corpse in his place

Forfeit his life to extend mine
Thus ends our partnership in crime
Lady justice though said to be blind
Still takes her​ ​death revenge

​I earned my living from the grave
And committed acts depraved
Life ends unsaved and betrayed
The price paid: Death Revenge

​Death and life forever intertwined
And within the morbid mind
There's only darkness left to find
The final​ ​death revenge
We lived our lives within the grave
And in turn became depraved
And now naught remains to be saved
The final​ ​death revenge

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