I Once Knew a Killer Named Lenny Larue
Had Lost Four Fingers Had Faded Tattoos
I Asked Him One Day to Whom Do Killers Pray
And He Said to Me As He Looked Away
Well God Don't Even Know My Name
For I Live My Whole Life in Shame
God Is in Me ¨c God Is in You
And God's Love Has Been Abused
God Don't Even Know My Name
Had to Fight a Baptist Preacher
Who Had Drank Too Much
He Took a Swing At Me But I Ducked His Punch
I Pushed Him to the Ground
And As He Rose Out of the Dirt
I Asked ¨c
Why Does a Preacher Man Have So Much Hurt?
I Once Spoke to God and He Made Me Cry
Said I Could Come to Heaven Any Time
He Did Not Mind ¨c He Forgave My Crime
I Once Loved a Ballerina Who Was Narrow and Mean
She Believed in Nothing But Her Cable Tv
Cussed and Cursed and Swore That Jesus Was Dead
If God Did Not Damn Her I Wonder Who Did

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