Foto do artista Fairytale

You Never Knew (I Lied)


Your Cousin Cindy Touched Me Once
I Did Not Stop Her So We Carried On
During Family Holidays
She and I Always Found a Way
You Never Knew, You Never Knew
You Never Knew I Was So Untrue
Because I Lied, Because I Lied
Because I Lied, I Lied and I Lied and I Lied
When I Said I Was With Paul I Was With Felicity Jones
The Big-chested Red Head I Swore I Did Not Know
She Cornered Me While You Were Buying Me a Beer
She Knew Who You Were But She Did Not Care
You May Have Been Wise
The Whole Time
You Knew the Wrong
Numbers Were Right
I Hope the Whole Time
You Were Doing the Same
So I Will Not Have To
Swallow All of the Blame
You Said You Were Leaving
Because You Did Not Feel Needed
So I Lied As I Tried to Agree
So You Left Me Alone
With Me and Myself
So I Drank and I Drugged
To Become Someone Else

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