An Evil Being In The Throne Of God

Fallen Sentinel

My carnal existence is, now, a part of my dark past
I don´t know where I'm going, but I know where I come from
I see the threshold and hear voices from the other side
By a second I feel fear, but they´ll be more afraid

My dark past is completly know there, they don´t use to forget
Buy I don´t have a way to escape
Perhaps you must think in your facts, and pay for what you have done
But I don´t feel the regret which´d burn inside my soul

This is your last time to choose
And there´s no much time for you
And they don´t like to wait at all
Listen to your being

My being only obey the wishes of my lord
And I´m my only lord, the evil is my belief
The shadows my servants and supremacy my will
My mission´s complete and I don´t care about what´s coming next

Another world is waiting for you now
Just like a strange void without end it seems
You should know there´s no chance for perault
I see the vision from beyond

Listen to me, you will feel the fear
Inside your wrath you will find no helping hand
Hear the voices from the Dark Emptyness
The Judgement of Damnations will take you to disgrace

I have committed a million of mortal sins
And it seems you don´t know what it means
I´ve never felt any mercy in my heart
And your mind is possesed by the dark

The lords of the Unknown won´t shed a tear for your soul
Your cries have no sense now

I comdemn you to Eternal Fire
Don´t you think this is the angels´desire?
I comdemn you to the Painest Fate
Why do you think I can only give hate
Well, you!, you can save your soul
If you show us that you can feel love
You must unite your being with her
She must feel happyness again

I feel your dreams in me, inside
Two minds together for all eternity
I feel my dreams in you, inside
Two minds forever into infinity / insanity

I´ve never felt so wrong before
I am a demon, I hate love
I´ll take her soul for my own
I´ll kill her slowly and alone
I´ll smile as I drink her blood
And no Lord will make me stop
Maybe they´ll kill me after all
But if it happens I´ll reborn

Destiny is making fun of me

I thought that I will end in Hell
Pyous God has forgiven me
It has forgiven all my sins
I´m walking over the path of Heaven
Which is builded with a kind of golden sand
Heaven´s gates are opening to me
I don´t know what I will meet

Strange beings all around
I´m surrounded by a light
I spread my arms
Then I start to fly

Now I have found the answer to my doubts
How could they think I wasn´t evil?
Now, they will pay their wrong decision

I will reign over Earth
Mankind´s in my hands
My father is the Shadows´s Lord
An I´m going to take the Throne of God

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