Run, don´t stop
You still don´t know the reason to your escape
Your trembling legs try to run faster than they can
The drops of rain are just acid for your eyes
Lost in a forest and shivering, naked, alone
Scratched by brushes you can find a path

Where am I now? What do my eyes look at?
There is a castle in front me
Between its towers. The moon: a crystal ball and two hands

Lightnings sparkling a tenebrous night
Now, you're running for your life again
The clouds make strange figures: tusks. clouds, and thornes
Thunders bellow in the sky above
Your feet slide in the mud and your legs are more tired on each step
The desperation runs into your veins, fear´s smelt in your breath
It´s near your end

Keep on running, never stop ( 4)

It seems your tired- your heart is beating loud
It seems your tired- your body now´s lain down
You only can hide your face with your hands
Say your last words !

Where was I then? What were looking my eyes?
There was a castle in front of me
That four men tried to kill me
They failed, and now I´m free

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