I feel like such a fool! I could just die... or I could just... ah!
That's it! Remember this emotion! Remember this emotion!

Think of how to use it
Use it on the stage
Think of Katherine Hepburn
Think of Gerry Page

Think of all the feelings
Wasted on this creep
Think of how you could use them
Think of Meryl Streep!

Why should I be crazy
Spilling out my guts
Make a big explosion
Go completely nuts

These are my emotions
Mine alone to keep
I know I could use them
Think of Meryl Streep!

Inside me there's a world of color and light
Nothing has to be wrong
Nothing has to be right
Inside me are treasures that glow

An actress's job is to know what she's willing to show
And then hide all the rest so no-one's the wiser
Save up all the best, like Midas the miser
Keep every moment under control!
Always in charge, playing a role

Smile and shrug your shoulders
Make believe it's fine
Come up with an answer
Or a witty line

Though your heart is breaking
Never start to weep
Someday you can use it
Someday you can use it
Someday you can use it
Think of Meryl Streep!

(SPOKEN) Oh! I could just kill him!

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