Rain, the rain
Pours down on me
Soaks my shoulders
I walk all alone
With no umbrella
Tear drops from sky high, wash my emotions away from me now
Wishing as I gaze up the sky with saddened eyes
But I know it has no use at all

Wonder why I’m here by myself
I try to search for your trace
But can’t find it
As my tears fell the pouring rain turned to drizzle

Sing a song with my clothes wet
The song I wrote for you who’s gone
I’ll keep walking and I will have my head up high
The ley-line could it be a spirits way?
Can it be a dead way I try to walk?
Either way I will keep moving my feet

Puddles reflect me
My eye sight so clear
Now I can look all the way
I can see far out

Foot prints
Trace of path remained on the surface
It’s the evidence that I am alive
The rainbow hanged over the blue sky like an arc
Connects the distance between you and I
Rain is gone and sun has risen

I raise my hands because the sun start to smile
Damped sneakers have dried up
I take a stretch and breath in fresh air to fill my lungs
Now I’ll start to walk again

Knew that I’m the only one who could save myself
I am the one that has to step up (and) crash all the walls
That stands u high against me and take the challenge

Sing a song under the sun
The song I wrote after you left
I’ll keep walking and I promise to keep walking
The ley-line guess it is a spirits way
Cannot be a death way which I am on
Wither way I will keep moving my feet

I used to regret for what I have lost
But I guess it makes no mean so I’ll move on

I’ll sing to the sky

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