Idiot! Piece of shit!
Feeling like tossing out
It would be such a such a hard place to live if
people randomly said these words out
So you guys remember this! Sharpen your
mounths and sing like crazy!
You guys ready? Don't you be so shy
(Spell) Yeah
A spell that takes out all these rages

My nose is about to rot!
Yeah! Dumbasses! Rot and burn in hell
It's a disgusting smell
Yeah! Dumbasses! Rot and burn in hell

Can not say so loudly but I just saw that kind
looking madam over there putting a canned
food inside her bag
We sure can't tell by a person's appearance
She might be a shoplifter

If your irritation still will not heal
Let me give you another advice
Just imagine (Spell)
Hey something like murder?
Take it off one two three (one two three)
Who is the dead man?
What is the way? (What is the way)
Cut it, bend it, bang it, clean it,

Hah! You finally starting to feel dumb?
People who are constantly furrowing their brows,
will die at thirty
Are you certain of what you can and can't do?
Just gotta make good use of the moment when
going mad
Let's go to the venus and make a foolish face
Everyone, jump around ah

Are they just feeling down?

Or you just can't step?
If you feel shitty about yourself, curse yourself
until you feel satisfied with sharp words

Feeling pain and suffer out don't even feel like
asking for help
Then you die!

We all are living with frustration today
Unforgivable self, and these kinda shits
That are for you; the spell!
Doesn't break down so face (it)
The spell can guide you
Get your ass to (the) venue before getting
smashed perfectly
Let's nail down those shits
(It) ain't acceptable to die in shit

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