Alone but alive his heart is filled with madness,
Upon this bridge he bares,
His secrets of despair,

His thoughts go numb as he sees the ground
Understanding death but still unafraid
All that is left is a choice

Tale of a sad man
Told by a mad man

He thought of what he might lose
Only possessions ran through his mind
He realized hes never loved
Anything or anyone

Alone but alive
A kiss goodbye
Alone but alive
A kiss goodbye
A kiss

As he leaves it all far behind (leaves it far behind)
He stares into the light
An epiphany to live again (to live again)
As he falls to sleep

This tale was told
By this man
This tale was told
One big lie
This tale was told
In his way

As the ground fell on him he felt no pain at all
For he found a way to see things on his own

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