I hear her voice in the distant, imagination,
Her skin I remember, soft and misspoken,
Her fake reactions kill me, in the way that she stood there,
Looking back at me, despair

I hear her voice in the distant,
Imagination kills me,
Wondering why we ever said goodbye
Your eyes they show me, nothing.
My world, once lit by your love,
But emotion is like water, moving through the wake of time,
And someday when you turn around, you'll realize you've left it
all behind.
Did you ever notice I was gone?
Did you realize that I was wrong?

So while you sit inside your room asking why.
The day goes and no one will hear you cry
Well I've been struck the same way
Mind games with myself
I think up thoughts that drive me crazy, from all this i have

I feel a burn
In my eyes
In my chest
Broken heart
Spill of blood
Test of time
Darkness rules us all
In its lust
In its skin
Darkness rules us all
In its lust
In its skin

So what if I'm broken down,
I'll find a way to stand back up,
So what if I'm jealous of all that you've become,
Well maybe I'm not like you confident and beautiful,
I'll make a way to prove you wrong,
"Give it time" the sad but true cliché,
Another day an eternity from now

I smell your blood in the distance
Pain is the path to my pleasures
Thoughts only bring desires
Your love
And she'll come again and beg for more
And the torment goes out the door
And the darkness will rule no more

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