Foto do artista Fireworks

Michigan Boys Need To Get a Clue


C'mon baby, lets be honest.
Did you really think that you could be
All i ever wanted?
Learn to bite your tongue
And catch your words before the run.

Do you remember staying out all night?
That shooting star was a satellite
That fell short of our mixed signals.
Twisting and turning.
We'll dance on this bridge till it's nearly burning.
Shout it out! let it out!
This isn't an island, it's just our penninsula.

Now you're washed away,
Dancing like a fool won't change your name
And i've got pictures to prove it.
So just walk away,
Kids like you give kids like us a bad name.
And i've got people to prove it.

You want a piece of me?
C'mon and give me your best shot!

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