Foto do artista Fireworks

When We Stand On Each Other We Block Out The Sun


It's been two years since I've taken this way home
It's comforting to know not much has changed
From the fields we used to roam to sneak into those two abandoned homes

Everyone's a writer I just have a general block...
There's signs in every yard
but a piece of plastic doesn't tend to make my mind

I still take bad advice from my best friends
Rather take bad advice from my best friends
And guide a sinking ship to the bottom with them
I'll go to the bottom with you

Thinking back on thinking forward
I always thought I'd be further than I ever am
Without this bad knee I wouldn't have a good one
These vices don't hold me down
They fucking carry me

Sometimes I can't believe the things I get myself into
Because laying low has never made much sense to me

So keep on spinning and I'll stay behind
My closing speech...
Fuck your world, I'll take mine
(Sincerely stolen from a bathroom wall)

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