He is the icon of our times, solution to our modern crimes. his
Trigger finger clicks remotes, as carbohydrates slowly bloat.
Not fragile, or brittle. he's seeking an acquittal. no scruples,
No meekness, he has but one great weakness.

All the world must have a price, save yourself from sacrifice,
Everything will end all right. american kryptonite.

His mighty hands will hardly fail, his intellect is barely
Frail, he moves his lips in perfect sync, demanding an espresso
Drink. with passion, he searches, he'll make another purchase.
Familiar, you know him, he's saying that you owe him.

It was like the manifest destiny all over again, except, instead
Of taking and consuming everything in their paths for god, they
Did so with the same fervor and sense of entitlement for their
New god... themselves.

Buy, take, break, throw it away.

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