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All Of The Pants Songs

Five Iron Frenzy

These Are Not My Pants (The Rock Opera)

Aieee....I love my pantalones
They fit me oh so tight
They make me smile with delight
Do you.....like Five Iron Frenzy
Singing about their pants
It's kind of silly rings of romance
Thank you for this little listen

(Track 10 - Easy Listening)

I'll never forget when I saw you standin' there wearin' pants
You were all alone
And I thought to myself
"Man I wish I had those pants!"
But the problem was
Those wearn't my pants
I dunno whose pants they are
But I want 'em
I only know that I want 'em
So why don't you come over here
And rock baby
Oh hold on to me tight
And keep wearin' them pants
Cause I love you....

(Track 11 - Country/Western)

These are not my pants
I don know whose they are
They smell a lot like Bobby's
Cause he likes to fart
These are not my pants
How did they get here?
And I'm fillin up with fear
Cause these are not my pants
Thank you, I'll be at the grand ol' opry tonite

(Track 12 - Rock Pants)

These are not my pants
Whose pants are these anyways?
These are not my pants
Whose pants are these anyways?
Are these Bobby's, or Timmy's, or Billy's pants, no NOOOO!!!!!
These are not my pants
Are you listening to what I say?

Track 13 - Sorta Rap Pants)

Don't a look at my pants now
I got my pants on
An' I'm chillin
But they aren't my pants
These are not my pants
That's what I gotta say
I ain't wearin' no pants
I got Billy, Bobby, Jerry, Filly, Illy, Ooh, Chilly, mmmm pants
ooh....little bit o' oooohhh
hmmmm ah my pants
Whose pants are these?
They're not my pants
They're not your pants
They're not Billy's pants, or Bobby's, or Timmy's
What's goin on?
Whose pants?
That's what I'm tryin' to say
But yo don't step this way
Cause I got my pants on yeah

(Track 14 - Inspirational Interlude)

C'mon people now
This is the time to unite
A little revolution of the pants
Right now is the time
Now who hold the pants
And whose are these pants
Will we ever found the home for the pants?
C'mon now....unite a little revolution of the pants
Yes...right now.

(Track 15 - Bert & Ernie Pants)

These are not my pants
These are not my pants
These are not my pants
Bobby's pants!
These are not my....PANTS!

(Track 16 - Censored Rap Pants)

---Check one check ----
Yo Bobby and Billy
You out ---- what's up?----
Yo me and Bobby we was walkin' down the----
And yo we didn't have nothin' to ----
But we had our pants on
But yo these ain't my pants
Uh, I get 'em off now-----
Um, tight, oh they so tight
----- ------
Ouch, ooie, ooie eee -----
Um, Billy, Timmy, ah, hello there
Yeah....cause we in the street ----
Talkin' bout the Bobbys and the Billys out there
And they tight pants on
Ya to loosen ------ loosen 'em up
----- Know what I'm sayin'?
Hey wassuuuu this is Bobby and Billy -----
uuuuuuuuuuu ------- --- --- --- --- wassuuuuu!!!

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