At Least I'm Not Like All Those Other Old Guys

Five Iron Frenzy

I'm twenty-nine years old, still wearing the wallet chain, like i
Was twenty-eight. i'm wearing my vans right now, so high school
Kids will think that i can skate. i've got a degree in science,
Yet shaking my fists in defiance.

Anyway, i'm not clichã©, i hardly own any ties. i may be old,
But at least i'm not like all those other old guys.

I'm watching mtv, for fashion tips, so i can say, that i saw it
First. backwards hat, tattoos, and goatee say i'm cool, just
Like fred durst. i pay almost all my bills, i sleep on a futon

(anyway, i'm not cliche, i might not even die. i may be old, but
At least i'm not like all those other old guys.)

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