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Have U Ever


Have you ever been in love before
Never ever felt that I was sure
Never had the bell of love for me ring true
Then came you
Have you ever seen love grow so fast
Never could imagine it could last
Baby, Baby, have you ever

Have you ever seen the stars shine on a cloudy night
It's not impossible, but difficult and hard to find
Could you ever love the one not obvious to sight
Based on your past, is that too much to ask

Have you ever been across a crowded room and knew
No matter where you went his eyes would follow you
Turn around, sit down, here it comes
He's made his move, I don't know what to do

Repeat Chorus

Who would ever think to fall in love would be so hard
I want you here but when you're near where do i go
Could I ever be your Juliet, my Romeo
I'm in our flow, but I've got to know

Repeat Chorus

It's getting tough for me to hide
All these feelings stuck inside
I don't what to do about these feelings
I have got for you
My mind is all confused
i'm wondering like a fool
Do ya feel me like I feel you

Repeat Chorus 2 times/Fade

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