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Loving U


i was standing in a corner of a crowded room
thinkin about you
thinkin about your smile is straight denial
of how i fell in love so soon
could this angel be sent to me to answer my dreams
i try hard to hide whats deep inside but its killing me

loving you is easy
when you say it from the heart
like the stars in the
sky we will never part
from my body and soul
i just want you to know
if im breathin then im lovin you

i cant believe in all this world
with all there is
you would choose me
you touched me once in this special way
and now my life has changed
it'll never be the same
your the answer to what i've asked time and time again
still thoughts and doubts can cloud my mind
when i now it can end

~rEpEaT cHoRUs~

cAndLe-LigHt sets the mood
as we embrace (i cant let go)
lose myself in
love deep precious love
i finally found my heaven up above, up above

~rEpEaT cHoRuS tiL eNd~

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