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Midnight Blues

Françoise Hardy

There's a time of night when I come alive getting near
The hurry and the heartache of day disappear

Like a curtain of dreams
Giving forth and so it seems
I must be getting ready to lose
My midnight blues

The night is made for lovers
And you're here with me
The moon is bright, the night is warm
And it's for free

I don't like the day
I get bored in every way
And if I had the choice
I would choose my midnight blues

If you live for the day
You know what I mean
Those who live for the night
Can hang on to a dream

Midnight is the time that I love to love you
And nothing could be better if you feel the same way too

When the hands on the clock
Travel round and meet at the top
I know I'll never live without feeling
Midnight blues

And let me tell you how I need
Midnight blues