Though we barely survived, I never felt more alive
I feel ashamed of where I’ve been oh to be
A motherless child, beat still my heart
Your weaknesses they vacation in my dreams and when
I’m not sure if you’ll haunt me in my sleep
I’ll know you’re there coursing through my veins
Try and starve the devil inside
Predisposition is I should’ve known better
We burn out dull out of spite
The family crest is our medication
This bitter pill I’ve swallowed down is greeted by a
Poisonous smile, a calcified heart, a cancerous gut, the appetite to give up
Your weaknesses they vacation in my veins
And if I’m not sure if I’ll see you in my dreams
I’ll stay up all night on the floor
Taking pills to keep me warm until I’m not sure I exist anymore
But that’s just fine it’s who I am and I appreciate my pain because I never had a choice
It was you or nothing
And nothing can hurt me like I hurt myself

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