Imagine you and me we float among the wreckage
We’ll toast our lungs and choke on ocean air
We drowned our love to save it from the fires
And we don’t care
But I’m inclined to waste my time
On the smiles I find trashed along the way

I left some dreams I had to rot in boston
Because I saw myself shine brightly in your eyes
And if all my dreams came true I’d probably wreck it
But I don’t care
Because I’m inclined to waste my time for miles and miles
Find my bliss along the way

I feel for the lovers, who pretend they’re fine
Curled up on a bed of silence
They lost their minds
Wish I could be apathetic, but I’ve met love along the way

I wear a cross, but I believe in nothing
Except for you and me, but does that count?
I wished I had a voice that gave you solace but I don’t care
Because I feel fine to waste my time
Trying to find my path along the way

My heart breaks for the artist, because it wears me out
Living life caught in the cross hairs of your own self doubt
I wish that I could feel indifferent, but I’ve been cursed along the way

I work in the garage all day long
Painting pictures, inventing songs
I’ll visit life, but I can’t stay long
Gotta find a better way

Imagine you and me if we made it through the bullshit
We’d probably get so bored it make us cry
Because we’ve heard of peace
But I hope we never find it, it’ll make us care

But I don’t care
No, I don’t care

I’m a wreck and it’s all your fault
All my dreams came true and it’s all your fault
I’m still alive and it’s all your fault
I love myself and it’s all your fault
I love my life and it’s all your fault
I accept myself and its all your fault
I blame myself but it’s all your fault

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