I woke up on a sofa in an unfamiliar house,
Surrounded by sleeping folks that I didn't know.
On failing to find my friends, I decided that it was
clearly time to go.
So I made my way out of the door as quietly as I could
There was no one there I knew to say goodbye -
Squinting in the sadly sobering sunshine of the Sunday
morning light.

I started the night with all my friends and I ended up
Oh yes I started out so happy now I'm hung-over and
It was about then that I realized I was half-way
The best years of my life.

So I scanned the local landmarks, trying to find out
where I was,
And maybe even find a bus back home.
I was longing for a shower, and for clean sheets, and
a charger for my phone.
And suddenly it hit me that I got paid this Friday
And so I rifled through my pockets for some change.
But all I found was a packet of broken cigarettes and
sinking sense of shame.

I had to ask myself, well,
Is it really worth it?
Is any of this worth it?
Well the whole thing's far from perfect,
But I've yet to figure out a better way to spend my

Too many suits and dirty looks made me rack my
And the real damage started to sink in.
It'd been quite a heavy weekend, but I could just
about remember where I'd been.

I stood on a street corner, and I felt a little sick.
It was about then that I realized I was half-way
The first day of the week.

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