Oh my broken battered body
In the days when I was younger
Used to fix itself quick sharp
After every slip and stumble
But these days I'm collecting scars
That don't seem to fade
Cuts and bruises that won't go away

And I used to think that I
Would never live past twenty five
And when you think like that, each day
Is a gift if you survive
But I've survived too long for my side of the deal
And as I reach that shore
I'm not sure how to feel

I keep losing days
That used to take a lifetime
In the blinking of an eye
And all these small ideas
Are suddenly commitments
As greatness slips on by

I remember well
The day that I got my first tattoo
I was so scared before
And after I was so proud
When it was new
But these days I've gone and got me many more
And sometimes I get more when I get bored
One for every year I've lost

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