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From First To Last

words don't seem to come so easy
when I need them oh so badly
here's to playing tug of war with my vocal chords
maybe I can give this another
shot or sing about a broken heart
or immitate the way it feels if this is happening for real

this distance seems closer
when you shove it in my face
this moment has left me with nothing else to say
I'm losing my interest with these empty pages
they're torn they have frayed edges

this dusty book
is bothered by my rusty eye and I can't see no I can't breathe
put me on the next page outta here
to live forever on this paper
capture this void and fill it with the frenzy in my voice
killing time by drawing faces that stare back at me from the margins
in a sea of 8 and a half by elevens
I'm drowing in
treading through run on sentences
and sinking into empty text
i'll swallow the salt
then spit a few dry words out


no matter what I say no matter what I write here I'm sick of always
looking at this page with a blank stare
you never seem to know and they never seem to tell you
words don't always come as easily as you might want them to
throw this paper into fire and take me with it, just take me with it
throw this paper into fire, into fire yeah
throw this paper into fire, into this fire
throw this paper into fire, and throw me with it, just throw me with it

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