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Jeremiah Weed

Gary Jules

Poor Jeremiah, his body is broken
Lying in the alley where he fell
His head is racing home to the heel of California
Poor Jeremiah Weed

He's got his friends and he's got his devices
He's got no need for you
No need for sympathy, no need for suprises
Poor Jeremiah Weed

Well I know when it comes to blows
The paint he laid down will never fade
And I hope Jeremiah knows
That that's the way it goes
The sun will find no shade upon you.

Poor Jeremiah, seven pockets stuffed with empty
People walking everywhere and no one says a word
He's tried killing time but it won't sit still
Poor Jeremiah Weed


Poor Jeremiah, all hail the holy roller
A winter in the city will make you think you're in hell
It's hard to believe that he was laughing at you
Poor Jeremiah Weed

Oh poor Jeremiah Weed
Oh poor Jeremiah Weed

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