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When we incarnate, we proimise to reach our equilibrium and transmute all the disharmonic energy but, was givento us the oblivion jowever, every being has to contribute with his fraction to the level

Even not having enough conscience
This oblivion divides ourselves in two different worlds our conscious carries the sanity in front of men and our subconscious carries our own story of long eras

Our big mistake is to give much value for the conscious and forget our subconscious this makes us lose many time to the real goal of comprehension and evolution

Now we are four

Tour parts of a family now we are four conscious and four subconscious adding in the total eight different worlds if our ways have crossed themselves our mission now is comprehend and unite our character to be just one shine on the earth our new cosmic name is hoctaedrom so we'll echo till the end of our goal

Join us

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