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Rule Over The Message


Sometimes i feel something is lost
Somewhere undertermined in the past
Feel a strange sensation
And an empty seizes of my being
I know the great mission is being destroyed
Many times i can't dominate the little me
However i can understand him
Also understand the great mathematical factor existed in the universe
The well and the ill
The black and the white
The male and the female
The artist and the critir
The spirit and the matter
And everything so balanced and perfect
We have the weapons of the game and we know its rulers too
But even we love
They tought us how transmute
Just so we'll find our growth
Now we must forget our stingy ideals
And devote ourselves for the great being
For our inner master
Saint-germain and his powerful violet flame
Just so we'll transmute our carnal burden
Just so we'll be really pillars
Pillars of violet fire
Scattered by the earth
Carrying out our real goal

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