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Gimme A Chance

Ghoti Hook

So what's the point to stay away?
It hurts the same either way.
We'll hang out when you come home,
And I'll still end up alone.
But that's the choice I have made.
Who thought I would end up here,
In the same place after three years?
I never was this way before.
I never wanted something more.
And now I can't just walk away.
Please don't look at me--I can't stand to see you cry.
It kills me to know that I'm the only reason why.
Sometimes I want to try and forget what I know,
Instead of watching myself try to let you go.
Remember when you said to me
One two three words and that you'd be
Always there, so always know
That no matter if you go,
I will still be right here.
Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you're right,
Or maybe were just fools caught up in something.
Something that we don't know what to do with,
Something that we can't handle just yet.

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