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Girl Thing

Girl Thing

Verse 1 :
I was feeling down and out
until the girls came around and make me feel better
they picked me up and took me down
I forgot what I was crying about

bridge 1 :
We're one in a crowd and the crowd is one
and we're so proud to be
to be part of a ....

Chorus :
Girl thing so let me hear you sing
It just a little bit of something
that always last forever
It's a girl thing why don't ya come on in
It's just a little bit of something
to keep us all together tonight

[always last forever, keep us all together]'

Verse 2 :
Boys may come and they may go
but i really don't care cos friends will be forever
always catch you if you fall
makes me happy when they call




Rap :
It's a girl thing so wont you let me in, because i need a littletime
I wanna be tellling you 'bout my rhyme
We've got the movin' on, groovin' on
Til the realy break of dawn
Just the begining but we'll never stop
Come on and check it out
about a year ago, we wanted to be
the best of the best, yeah the top of the tree
chilling out relaxed and cool, we're the girl thing
aint no fools
the girls are on the mission stop and won't you listen
Are you with me? Yeh we're with you
if you're ready then we'll go

Extended Bridge :
At the end of the day when you're on your own
don't be afraid don't be alone
we're one in the crowd and the crowd is one
and we're so proud to be
to be part of a, to be part of a...

Chorus to fade

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